Bus stop scheduling and sex offender, crime tracking software

Himalaya for Register of Deeds


  • One source solution for imaging and indexing documents, distributing and usage tracking
  • Uses high-end SQL database client/server software
  • Optimized for keyboard and/or mouse
  • One-step searches
  • User-definable abbreviations and shortcuts
  • On-site training
  • Runs on Windows 95, 98, NT 4, NT 5
  • Detailed on-site customer profiling
  • We will recommend the equipment to make your system work for you
  • Our staff has over 70 years experience providing customers with technology solutions
  • Developing land records management software since 1987
  • We also provide custom software development for added functionality

We'll show you how to make your system pay for itself and provide your customers better service in the process.


Tract Index

  • Store multiple: grantors, grantees, platted & unplatted references, tax keys, and mailing addresses for a single document
  • Search documents from any field
  • Supports lot & block ranges
  • User definable lot types
  • User defined document types
  • Bring up actual document images with a single click
  • Duplicate a record with one keystroke
  • Convenient and informative incremental searches
  • Built-in nickname handling, (i.e. Richard, Rick, Dick, Rich, etc)
  • Support for AKA, NKA, PKA, NDBA, etc.
  • Store multiple names (debtor and/or creditor) for a single document
  • Phonetic last name searches ("sounds like" searching)
  • Maintain distribution lists for faxes, email and postal mail


  • Image up to 100 pages (200 images per minute)
  • Safely stores your digitized documents for later retrieval and for dissemination
  • Enhance, rotate, OCR and annotate images.
  • Easy to use interface makes digitizing your documents a breeze.

Image Distribution Manager

  • Distribute images via CD-ROM, magneto-optical, magnetic tape, over the web, FAXing and of course hard copy.
  • Track distribution of documents and generate invoices
  • Monitor receivables and print statements

Standard Reports

  • Invoicing and Accounts Receivable
  • Production Reports
  • Sales and Marketing Reports
  • User Definable Reports (using Seagate Crystal ReportsTM 7)
  • User delivery volume

Web Store

  • Sell your documents over the internet.
  • This module takes your existing documents and makes them available over the world wide web. You decide the price for each transmitted image based on customer type. No need to setup a complicated web distribution package, our product instantly "web" enables your existing Himalaya data.


  • All documents can be stored on an imaging server providing instant online access to all authorized users
  • Images can also be faxed or emailed externally or internally without the need to print or leave the desk.
  • Documents can be annotated by several users; yet can be viewed in their original form.
  • Imaging of paper documents reduces document storage space by more than 80%.
  • Imaged documents can be backed up to tape at a rate of 1 filing cabinet per minute.
  • Redundant tapes can be made of the entire system to be stored off-site at a secure location.
  • Document imaging reduces time wasted gathering and transferring paper documents, which typically consumes up to 90% of office tasks
  • No maintenance of actual documents is needed once they are saved to the imaging server.
  • Digital image documents cannot deteriorate over time like paper documents.

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I dont know how we functioned before Lynx"! I have used it with much success, and I have found that the mapping data is far superior to the more expensive software products on the market. It is a Windows-based program that it is soooooo easy to use that all my personnel mastered the program in just a few days of working with it. Also, I have replaced three programs (fleet, inventory, and mapping) with one!

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"I can honestly say that the route building and main database setup you have right now is FABULOUS and will, in my experience, need very little tweaking. The improvements since you started, until now, have really impressed me and will make a lot of customers extremely happy, I think!!! Thanks so much to all of you for your time and hard work and friendship. It's made our job here a lot more easy!!!"

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